HITCHCOCK is a love story about one of the most influential filmmakers of the last century, Alfred Hitchcock and his wife and partner Alma Reville. The film takes place during the making of Hitchcock's seminal movie Psycho.
 Nov 23, 2012 Limited
 Mar 12, 2013
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Cinephiles everywhere need to treat themselves to Hitchcock, by director Herb Jenkins and starring Anthony Hopkins as legendary filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock. Here's why:

If you're too young to remember Hitchcock, some of the potency of this story will be lost on you. But, it will be a fantastic introduction to a director that has had a heavy influence on modern movie making. Consider it an educational film about Hitchcock. Directors from M. Night Shamalayn to Woody Allen have been compared to him. He nearly perfected the art of the indie film, and created a whole culture of  suspense and thrill. All those cheesey 50's drive-in movies were somewhat derived from the stylings and influence of Hitchcock.

If you are familiar with Hitchcock and his movies, you will love the insight and drama that was involved in the making of Psycho.

Now, to the particulars of Hitchcock:

The Pros

Interesting retrospective of Hitchcock's creating of an iconic horror movie. Good overall performances and good style. It's a very inspiring story about following your instincts and your heart. While Alfred Hitchcock was publicly praised as a cinematic genius, we learn that he was, after all, just a man who gained more than a little guidance and love from his wife. She was also a movie professional, and could produce and edit films. She seemed to be, in many ways, a fueling force to Hithcock's genius, and he learns how valuable her inspiration is to his process.

I've been to the Paramount lot in Hollywood, on the very same sacred ground shown in the movie where Hitchcock toiled along on the sets of countless movies. I've also worked at Universal Studios in Hollywood, where the Psycho house and Bates Motel sets have been preserved on the tram tour. It has inspired me to want to watch the many films of his I haven't seen, and re-watch some I have seen, including Psycho.

The Cons

Though I respect Anthony Hopkins more than words can express, some portions of his performance of Hitchcock were a tad too reaching. It seemed too outside Hopkins' own sense to embody Hitchcok, and it shows. However, it was still worth seeing since no one has ever attempted to play him.

The story runs out of juice about half way through. The love between Hitchcock and his wife is certainly fascinating, but when the story strays from the making of Psycho and focuses more on the soap opera aspect, things get a tad boring. However, the start and finish of this movie redeem that.

You should see it! It's an interesting drama with a lot to offer. It's entertaining. Watch the trailer and see if it intrigues you:


  1. It's a sweet enough movie that's actually able to make you forget that this is some light material, even for a movie about Hitchcock. Though Hopkins and Mirren are great together. Good review Evan.

  2. I thought that this movie was very inspired and obviously written/produced/directed by people who love Alfred Hitchcock. I think to fully enjoy the film, you have to also be somewhat of a fan or at least know something about Hitchcock. I was interested in the backstory with his wife. I wonder if that story line was based on facts or fabricated. I also thought that Anthony Hopkins made a good effort, but the performance wasn't flawless. Interesting movie for cinema buffs.


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