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Please do yourself a favor and see Gravity. It is an incredibly immersive, gripping, and thrilling cinematic experience.

I know this may sound cheesy, but I'm one of those people with an overactive imagination, so the opening scene of Gravity instantly had me transported to a different place. I went from being a clod in a movie theater with snacks and soda to floating above the earth, joining a crew of astronauts in their mission to repair the Hubble telescope. And let me tell you, it was a breathtaking experience.

Some of my friends told me to see it in IMAX, and I didn't get that chance. (I didn't feel like staying up til midnight for that showing.) So, my wife and I saw it at an earlier time. It was in 3D, and still on a huge screen. If you're subject to motion sickness, there are a few scenes of outer space that might bother you. But, the performances, the pacing, the story, and the visuals are all great.

Anyway, I was not expecting to love Gravity as much as I do…