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We went to EPCOT and loved it!!!


Pete's Dragon Review 2016

Pete's Dragon is the latest live-action remake of an animated classic. It is directed by David Lowery, who has directed a handful of mostly art films. The most recent thing was a 2013 movie called Ain't Them Bodies Saints.

Pete's Dragon is one part Tarzan, one part The Jungle Book, and even a splash of E.T. This is mostly to good effect. It is not a perfect movie, but it was entertaining, and should be very compelling and memorable for children.

It overlaps heavily with the animated cartoon original. Pete is a young boy who was in a car wreck deep in the forest. He wanders from the wreckage and gets found by a magical dragon he names Elliot. Elliot essentially raises him in a magical forest dragon lair.

Pete's Dragon also has a stellar cast. It's replete with Bryce Dallas Howard, Wes Bentley, Karl Urban, and a wonderful performance by Robert Redford.

The story of fantasy and whimsy are wonderful. The E.T. elements are great as far as instilling a sense of wonder an…

Cafe Society Review

Cafe Society is a wonderful, refreshing original from classic writer / director
Woody Allen. If you don't know anything about Woody Allen, you'll probably watch this movie and scratch your head with confusion. However, if you're familiar with his movies, you will love it.

The official description of Cafe Society from Perdido Pictures is:

Set in the 1930s, Woody Allen's bittersweet romance CAFÉ SOCIETY follows Bronx-born Bobby Dorfman (Jesse Eisenberg) to Hollywood, where he falls in love, and back to New York, where he is swept up in the vibrant world of high society nightclub life. Centering on events in the lives of Bobby's colorful Bronx family, the film is a glittering valentine to the movie stars, socialites, playboys, debutantes, politicians, and gangsters who epitomized the excitement and glamour of the age.

1. Woody Allen always has someone play him
Mr. Allen is now 81 years old. It is quite spectacular that he is still writing and directing a movie every…