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Arrival review

Arrival is suspenseful and hypnotic. Amy Adams plays Dr. Louise Banks, a language expert and professor. When strange space crafts descend on the Earth and float silently above the ground, every world government is frantically scrambling to research what the aliens' intentions are. That's where Dr. Banks comes in. She is recruited by the US military to see if she can crack a code of communication with the space crafts / aliens. She is racing against the clock because no one knows what the aliens might do, or the other governments of the world.

    I loved Arrival. The stark colors and sharp editing create a very suspenseful atmosphere. Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner have fantastic chemistry as fellow language and alien researchers. They are co-workers who are under enormous pressure to find the truth.

Arrival earned 10 Oscar nominations (!!!!), and they are certainly deserved. It was nominated in all the most exciting categories, including sound, writing, production design, directi…