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Ghostbusters 2016 - My Two Cents

The awkward storm of political sexism controversy surrounding the new Ghostbusters has calmed down almost completely. The most hated movie trailer on the internet is mostly in everyone's rearview mirror now.

After reading all the hate for this movie, I wasn't going to see it. But, a friend of mine really wanted to see it, so I gave it a shot. The result was a very pleasant surprise.

Generally, I hated the controversy that happened. Director Paul Feig, in my opinion, was inappropriate when he bashed "fans" and "geeks" on Twitter, calling them horrible names. There are some elements of the new Ghostbusters movie where his contempt for the very fans who love the original Ghostbusters is obvious. For example, making the new movie as a reboot rather than a sequel was the first slap in the face. I thought this was where the movie was most lacking, and my least favorite thing about it.

However, I was happy to find that there are more positives to the new Ghostbus…