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There has been quite a buzz about this film, Crash. One of the overarching critiques of this film is that it is a "love it or hate it" film. I have been reading and absorbing every critical review of this film I can get my hands on, as I had the opportunity to watch it yesterday, for the first time.I have to admit mixed feelings about this film. One element that no one seems to contend is that the acting is fantastic. Terrance Howard, Matt Dillon, Sandra Bullock, Branden Frazer, Ludacris, and others have churned out fantastic performances.The controversey, however, is in writer/director Paul Haggis. This film is ultimately his brainchild, and born of his imagination.

I know I didn't grow up in Los Angeles or anything. However, I did live there for a little over a year. I was somewhat surprised to see the resaurant, Carney's, that Matt Dillon's character is in near the beginning of the film. This restaurant was less than a mile from my apartment, and I remember see…