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The Passion of the Christ

When I first saw ThePassion of the Christ back in 2004, I lived in Los Angeles. It was interesting to see what a huge revolution this movie caused back then. It was almost like a tidal wave of change, controversy, movement, and uproar. I'll never forget being up at Universal Studios Citywalk and seeing the huge crowds of people outside the theater, and the shoulder-to-shoulder crowd in the movie itself. There was an electricity in the air that resonated with everybody. Everyone knew that this was something special. It was a phenomenon in our culture. People were drawn to this movie for a myriad of reasons. Interest, curiosity, downright conviction. I know people overuse the word "firestorm." But, that's exactly what ThePassion of the Christ was when it came out. A firestorm.

Later, ThePassion of the Christ, according to Wikipedia, became the highest grossing non-English movie ever made. It grossed over $600 million. Churches were having big screenings and inviting pe…

Black Swan: not for the faint-hearted

Art film lovers, rejoice! Black Swan is the quentissential "art film." We have shakey camera work, dark shadows, an offbeat plot, mind-bending dream sequences, and enough creative inspiration to fill a museum. Hipsters can sip lattes, wear argyle (is that still hipster fashion?), and discuss the deeper undertones of Black Swan.

If what Natalie Portman claims is true, then Black Swan was a work-in-progress for nearly ten years. I suppose it's true that every movie has a horrible uphill journey to aquire funding, interest, and enough talent to get it made. Then, if that all comes together, you have to promote it, distribute it, and pray that people buy tickets. So, in a sense, it is miraculous that a movie like Black Swan not only got made, but that it is as widely known as it has become. But, here we are, celebrating that Black Swan survived!

This is the story of Nina Sayers, a dye-in-the-wool New York ballerina. Her mother was also a ballerina. They live together in a NY …

The King's Speech: Now on DVD

The King's Speech is available on DVD this week. If you, your family, date, loved one, group of friends, or anyone in your sphere is looking for something to rent this weekend, look no further!

The King's Speech is based on the true story of King George VI of Britain struggling to find his voice, figuratively and literally. As he takes the throne somewhat unexpectedly, he must contend with years of speech problems in a time when the country desperately needs speech. He must overcome this adversity, and on a deadline.

If this all sounds contrived, just give it a chance. This movie will grip your interest, thrill you, surprise you, and have you hanging on to every scene. Colin Firth definitely deserved Best Actor, and The King's Speech was a surprising, but deserving, winner for Best Picture.

King George, played by Colin Firth, tries many methods to overcome his speech problems, even before assuming the throne. Being royalty gives him whole access to every manner of medical pr…