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I've fallen in love...

I've fallen in love with the magic of Disney. Obviously, I love movies. Did you know that the entrance to the Magic Kingdom is designed as if you are stepping inside a movie? It's true. When you walk through the tunnel under the train station at the front entrance, there are "movie" posters for various rides and attractions throughout the park. Then, when you emerge out the other side, there are vendors selling popcorn. The air is filled with the sweet smell of candy and popcorn, which is deliberately like the smell of a movie theater lobby. Then, you step inside the magic and imagination of storytelling with each section of the Magic Kingdom after that.

Here's a video of us traveling to Disney World and visiting EPCOT. The second part of that day we went to the Magic Kingdom, but I haven't posted that video yet.

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In the mean time, enjoy this video   :)