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Blue Jasmine

Blue Jasmine seems like an art film from a younger, more passionate director. But at age 78, Woody Allen is continuing his tradition of making edgy, interesting, and compelling films. And, yes, funny films, too.

Blue Jasmine is the story of Jasmine, played by Cate Blanchett, who has been married to a mogul (Alec Baldwin), living the high life in New York. They end up losing everything. Jasmine, emotionally battered and damaged, moves in with her sister in San Diego. She attempts to rebuild from nothing.

The story of Blue Jasmine is certainly compelling and interesting. Like any good art film, Blue Jasmine asks many interesting questions about life, society, and the state of things. (rich vs. poor, family, infidelity). However, it's not my favorite storyline from Woody Allen. The thing that keeps Blue Jasmine afloat is a list of compelling characters and fantastic actors. Alec Baldwin, Louis CK, Andrew Dice Clay, Cate Blanchett, and Peter Sarsgaard light up the screen.

I saw Andre…

3 Best Things about Breaking Bad Season - 5.2 Premiere Episode

Between the sacred trio of my three favorite shows: (Mad Men, Breaking Bad, and the Walking Dead), Breaking Bad consistently proves to be the most exhilarating in many ways.

1. The Final Scene            

Now that Hank has gotten a large promotion at the DEA, he has finally discovered Walt's secret. Noticing his "W.W" initials in a Walt Whitman book, Hank's world has come unraveled by realizing that his nerdy down-and-out brother-in-law Walter White is, indeed, the devil incarnate. With new found inspiration, Hank has dedicated himelf wholly to getting to the bottom of this suspicion.

The final scene of this episode is a confrontation between Hank and Walt in Hank's garage. After Walt discovers a GPS hidden on the bottom of his car, his instinct is to confront Hank. The scene is incredible. Starting awkward and tepid, things get nastly quickly. Hank's pent up rage boils out, as he slams Walt around the garage, shouting out all the vile things he's done. &…