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Walk The Line

I don't know why I waited so long to see this movie. Being a Cash fan, and knowing that this movie was getting positive critical feedback, it somehow eluded me.

So, when I finally saw it, it was more special in a way. I know, this is not a very objective review. But that is in part because I feel personally connected to the subject. The legendary life of J.R. Cash.

I sat in the theater alone. As the opening scenes unraveled, something about this movie affected me very, very deeply. It was the struggle of a young "artist", trying to find a place in the world. As Johnny wandered, struggled, and fought to make a living for himself, he encountered some problems that many 20 somethings can relate with. (Paying rent, supporting a family.)

Also, there is a great scene where Johnny and his low budget band are auditioning for Sun Records in the fifies. Unimpressed with their rendition of a Gospel tune, the record label owner tells John he must sing something more genuine. Reluctant…