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Monsters University

Way back in 1995, Disney and Pixar unleashed Toy Story upon the world, and a modern era of Disney movies was born. Since then, many other studios like Dreamworks and Universal have followed suit with their own computer animated efforts.

     When you go back and watch the first Toy Story movie, it is hilariously stiff and clunky by today's computer animation standards. The technology and experience movie makers have gained since '95 really shows, and it's something moviegoers shouldn't take for granted. Monsters University is a dazzling, gorgeous, and incredible movie of modern animation. The imagery is so vivid you would swear you were there. And, the colors are so vibrant it adds a wondrous kind of energy to the story. The details of texture and movement almost add a third dimension, even if you don't see it in 3-D. I saw a digital showing on a giant screen with fabulous sound and picture.

     Not only are the visual and audio traits top-notch, but Disney …